July 29, 2020


Was going to buy it from (one of my regular go-tos for online shopping) for $399 when I got an amazon alert that the price had dropped to $299. Costco warranty vs amazon price… amazon wins this time. In for one – great to make corona margaritas for the patio while staying home on Trudeau-bucks. Sigh, what a time we are living in…

Did I mention this is an ALL TIME LOW PRICE. Buy now, think later, or don’t? $2k per month can get you a lot of margaritas…

The centrepiece to any party with rotating ice chutes to dial up the excitement even more. Create up to 3 restaurant quality beverages at a time with the press of a button. 6 specific pre-programmed settings take the guesswork out of making the perfect margaritas, daiquiris, slides, coladas, mojitos, and smoothies. Ice melt reservoir channels melt ice away to avoid drink dilution and a spring loaded ice chute will allow you to easily remove the jar for cleaning afterwards. The bamboo and brushed metallic and cream components give this product a summertime feel, perfect for any house or patio party.
Features & details
Three 24 oz. blending jars automatically create 72 oz. of frozen drinks per cycle
Plastic party-friendly blending jars
6 pre-programmed drink types for you to choose from
Manual -inchshave-only-inch and -inchblend-only-inch settings allow you to customize
Ice reservoir holds enough ice for six pitchers worth