March 31, 2021
Simplii Financial


Received an email about this. Must be targeted, and should be easy to achieve. Works with payroll, gov’t deposits and benefits reimbursements. Before you ask, I don’t know if it will work with other bank direct deposits that you setup on your own.
You’re already enjoying the benefits of free daily banking, now experience the convenience of getting paid on time, every time with your No Fee Chequing Account. For a limited time, earn $100 when you set up direct deposit to your account.†

Simply start by selecting your No Fee Chequing Account.

For Online Banking:

• Choose “Void Cheque/Direct Deposit” (on the top right)
For Mobile Banking app:

• Go to Account Info to find the account details you’ll need to set up direct deposit

Earn $100
You’ll get your cash reward in April after you’ve set up an eligible direct deposit and receive at least $100 a month for 3 straight months. Most automated and recurring direct deposits are eligible, such as payroll, employment insurance and pension.†

Get started now! Once you’re set up, you’ll be one step closer to earning your cash reward.

Offer ends M‍ar‍ch 31, 20‍21 and the 3 straight months of direct deposits must occur before then, so set up your first direct deposit before J‍anu‍ary. †Conditions apply.

Thank you for banking with Simplii Financial™.
Terms and conditions at: http://contentz.mkt7543.com/lp/26049/45 … -Final.pdf