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Rogue Echo Bike back in stock, around 150 units available…
Free shipping, $1,350.35 CAD total with HST included (Ontario).
This is the best assault-type bike in this price category, overbuilt and with maintenance-free belt drive.

Pros & Cons
9 Reasons To Buy

The most common phrase we hear from people regarding their Echo Bike is, “it’s like Rogue took one of their squat racks and made it into a bike.” It’s that beefy.
Weighing in at 127 LB, the Echo Bike rocks side to side very little even with the strongest athlete going all out on a sprint.
Pretty much everything is made of black powder-coated metal; from the frame to the fan blades.
The Echo features a belt-driven fan instead of the traditional chain-driven system that leads to quick stops and starts and much less maintenance.
The LCD console screen is easy to read and features every metric you’d want.
The bottom of the legs feature leveling feet that can be adjusted depending on what the floor is like in your gym.
Although beefier than most other bikes, the Echo Bike still only takes up 44.5” in length and 23.75’ in width.
The front wheels are oversized and heavy-duty which makes maneuvering the bike easy.
The Echo Bike is one of the better-looking air bikes on the market. This is objective, but the matte black powder-coat matches most other gym equipment.

4 Reasons Not To Buy

The overall size of the bike is bigger than pretty much every other air bike. This can be a negative or positive depending on your space and preferences.
The belt drive is overall harder to push than a chain drive like what’s on the Assault Bike. Users report the chain drive being easier to “ghost ride” including CrossFit Games Athlete Jason Khalipa.
The Echo Bike, although not the most expensive air bike on the market, certainly isn’t the cheapest.
One user reported that, “All the proportions on this bike feel much bigger than traditional air bikes. Smaller people can find difficulties with fit.”