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RelaxACare currently has in stock the best selling massage chair from TruMedic, the MC-2000 as a demo unit with 1 year warranty (you can purchase additional years of warranty for $225 per year after discount code). List price for this chair is $5,999 in Canada but it can very rarely be had for around $2,700 or so on a great sale. This demo unit is currently on sale for $2,599.99 with an additional 10% or $259.99 off if using the discount code “DiscountNow” during checkout. That brings this excellent L-track massage chair down to $2,340.00 before tax with free shipping or $2,457.00 all in.

The TruMedic MC-2000 is one of the best L-track massage chairs on the market for under $6,000 Canadian. The difference in an L-track massager, as opposed to less expensive S-track massagers, is the rollers move from the top of your neck, down in an S-shape along the curve of your spine (this is where S-track massagers end) then continue down under your glutes and finally all the way to the top of your hamstrings. L-track massage chairs are great to help with sciatic and lower back pain relief. The MC-2000’s robotic rollers are considered 3D instead of normal 2D, meaning they move in 3 different axis: up/down, left/right and in/out for pressure points and deep or light massage. There are recent 4D massagers on the market but they are basically money scams (more D’s !!) as all they do is vary the speed of the rollers, which all 3D massagers already do. The rollers can be set to use 7 different massage styles from kneading to shiatsu. This MC-2000 also has 36 different air bags for muscle massage in the shoulders, arms, waist, upper legs, calves and feet. It has a separate shiatsu bottom foot roller and massager with additional pressure points down your feet. It comes with optional heated L-track rollers, extendedable leg/foot rests to fit tall or short people and a zero-gravity reclining position. It comes with a backlit, wired LCD screen remote that controls its 10 plus automatic or many more manual massage functions. Oh yeah, it also has wireless bluetooth speakers built in.

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