December 4, 2020
Public Mobile


I’m not sure if all Ampli users get/see this, but I found this in my Ampli offers (which I rarely use, but will use now!). Screenshot attached for reference.

It boils down to ensuring your Ampli-linked card is used for AutoPay reloads or manual One-Time Payments at Public Mobile . Transactions posted up to December 4, 2020 will get a 25% cash back (up to $25 maximum per transaction)! This does not work on/apply to voucher purchases at third-party resellers — the transaction on your credit card/bank account must show as Public Mobile.

If you want to maximize your cash back, and you’ll be sticking with Public Mobile for a while, the best way to take advantage of this (if the offer exists for you as an Ampli user, of course) is to pre-load your balance (with up to $100 at a time) — you can add funds in advance now (or at least before December 4) and the system will automatically draw down from your balance each month. If you’re registered for AutoPay, you’ll continue to enjoy the $2 AutoPay Reward for having your credit card registered, even if you pre-pay in advance.

Actually, I forgot — Public Mobile will add applicable taxes to your re-load, so depending on your province’s tax rate, you may want to aim for about $95 (in AB), or lower (e.g. $88 if your rate is 13%), so that the transaction including taxes isn’t significantly higher than $100.

If you’re new to Ampli or you currently have $0 cash back, I recommend doing a ~$60 top-up at Public Mobile. This should yield a $15 cash back from Ampli within a few days, and this is the minimum required to cash out (e-Transfer to a bank account). Of course, the amount you load is up to you… to maximize the earn, ensure transactions (after taxes) do not exceed $100 (maximum $25 cashback per transaction).

If you’re not yet an Ampli user, you can find all sorts of sign-up promos, but I found a $10 welcome bonus in the Checkout51 app — get it by using code AMPLIC51 when signing up for Ampli!