[Provigo] Now! Get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for $2 (QC only)

//[Provigo] Now! Get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for $2 (QC only)

[Provigo] Now! Get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for $2 (QC only)

July 29, 2020



If you’re in Quebec, you can buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for $2 at Provigo until Wednesday the 29th. It’s currently on sale for $3 (which is already a good price), and you get 1000 PC Optimum points on top of that, making it $2. The PC offer also ends on Wednesday.

Now, for people living outside of Quebec…

I have quickly looked online and only found Loblaws and Your Independant Grocer who have it on sale for $4. This is too high, but if the 1000 PC Optimum offer works for you, then the final $3 price would be a good deal. I just can’t confirm the PC offer will work outside of Quebec.

This being said, I feel the need to educate you on Ben & Jerry’s dirty bag of tricks from the last couple of years.

As you already know, this company has been slapping high prices on their ice cream because of its good quality. All was fine, until they decided to reduce the quality of it… without reducing the prices accordingly. They kept their ”premium” image and prices, but started selling sub-par products.

They basically use less cream (because that’s the most expensive ingredient) and instead add more cheap filler stuff like wheat flour, corn syrup, soybean oil, canola oil, guar gum, etc. They even have a ”non-dairy/frozen dessert” line, which is basically vegetable oil with corn syrup. Imagine paying their regular $5-6 price for 500ml of frozen canola oil and corn syrup… yuck.

You can even see that the ”frozen dessert” inscription on their packaging is printed pale on pale in order to go unnoticed and trick people into thinking it’s still ice cream. They use this cheap and very unethical tactic because they can’t legally call that product ice cream in Canada (ice cream requires actual cream and a minimum percentage of it). Yet they still charge you the same amount.

I could go on and on, but the point is simple: do not fall for these traps.

Your safest bet with Ben & Jerry’s is to stick to the Cherry Garcia flavor, as it has the most appealing ingredients and a pleasantly creamy taste. The other flavors (apart from maybe Chocolate Therapy) taste like some sweet hodge podge of jobber flock, because they mix way too many things in them. Whatever you do, I recommend you to stick to the dairy versions and avoid the other three product lines.

So go check if your freezer has enough space and get ready to stock up!


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