August 2, 2020


Nice deal for a decent quality electronic height adjustable desk, seems similar quality desks elsewhere are easily 2x the price if not more. Store is also local. I was skeptical about height adjustable desks in general, but after visiting offices which had them I realized there is just something quite satisfying about having a desk that raises and lowers by itself and for anyone working at home on a desk all day it does feel good to be able to switch between sitting and standing effortlessly.

I’ve pointed out the third one below but PrimeCables has various sit/stand desks available, with the following being the more popular and all with 3 year warranty. Some also have bundles with other things like anti-fatigue mats:

Use code PCNEW10 to save 10% on the purchase (may need to create new account for this), and until Aug 2 10am EST they are offering 10X S-Points which are redeemable for store credit or gift cards for other stores including Amazon
For the example I mentioned above, the price is $275.99 – 10% = $248.39, and gives 49678 S-Points + 3000 S-Points if you create a new account = enough for approx $60 store credit or $50 in gift cards. (Note that saving up more points before redeeming yields better ratios) = sub-$200 electronic standing desk with height display and memory presets

Pairs great with either a cheap tabletop or premium countertop from Ikea: