35% off


This great little mount is back on sale for under $30.
Purchased it last month for $29 + 10x s-point rewards; $25 is a great price for these single desk mounts.

Free shipping for Shopper+ Privileged members (it’s a reward tier, I guess?)
Otherwise, free shipping on orders over $49.

BTW: Two single mounts are superior to one dual monitor mount.

With a dual mount, you lose a lot of flexibility with placement… I have two 27″ and they would not sit at a good distance properly. Always either too tall, or too close — because I wanted to adjust them to lie side-by-side.
Trust me. Mad regrets after buying the dual. Replaced the dual mount with two single mounts, and have not looked back!

Info on last deal here: primecablescom-adjustable-gas-spring-de … s-2411649/

Limited Quantities* Once inventory sells out, it’s usually out for the duration of the promo…