PC Optimum


Looks like the “Aisles of Glory” Hauler video game is back starting this Thursday. Just like last time, they are giving away 500 PC Optimum points per day just for playing the game but this time there are more bonus points available apparently.

1) 500 points for playing the game
2) 750 points for scoring over 15,000
3) 1,000 points for scoring over 50,000

** it cannot ‘stack’. It’s one set of points per play. Eg) if you play and score 12,000 you would get the 500 points for playing. If your score was 16,000, you would get the 750 points for clearing 12,000 but not the 500 for playing etc…etc..

200,000,000 PCO Points available compared to the 50,000,000 last time.

Same as last time, you will need to enter your PC Optimum number once done playing to get your points. Typically takes about 10 to 14 days to get the points applied to your PCO account.