North Face Gotham 3 parka [$420 –> $225+F/S]

//North Face Gotham 3 parka [$420 –> $225+F/S]

North Face Gotham 3 parka [$420 –> $225+F/S]

October 11, 2021
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I know the Gotham II used to be $200 on this site in years past but with supply chains, inflation, whatever, I haven’t seen it in this lower price range this season yet. I’ve also never seen TLH put the Gotham 3 on sale this low, though I have no idea what changes were made between the 2nd and 3rd editions. All sizes available in the Blue/Black colorway; I’m actually thinking it might have been an error to include the Blue one in the sale (as the other sizes are all XXL/3XL limited sizing which usually gets a bigger clearance discount).

Use code NEWS10 to get 10% off. If it says you’ve previously used this code then make a new email or add a “+1” to the end of your gmail to get the code accepted (ie. to ).

No returns as usual. I know this board has a love-hate relationship with TLH, I’ve never had issues with them.


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