Ninja Foodi Smart XL Grill is the new version of the Ninja indoor grill [released August 2020] that was previously going for $169.49 ($149.99 + HST in ON) 
I prefer this option as the grilling area is larger in the new model and I find it to be significantly better looking than the previous model and it comes with several perks (Smart Thermometer, Roast Rack, Combo Crisper Basket, Kebab Skewer). When contacting customer service, they also mentioned that there is 60 return policy if you don’t like the product.

The lowest regular price (based on a quick google search) for the product is $452.00 ($399.99 + HST in ON) at Canadian Tire: … 0737p.html
The lowest discounted price looks to be $316.39 ($279.99 + HST in ON) 
What is the deal?
  • For some reason Ninja/Shark charges Canadians the USD price but at the equivalent dollar number in CAD (ie. $299 USD = $299 CAD).
  • In addition to this, once the Ninja ships you should be refunded the tax you initially paid. You will see the tax at checkout and initial CC/paypal charge, it should be refunded once the vacuum ships.
  • At checkout apply coupon (FOODI40) for an additional $40 off your order (bringing it down to $259.00).
  • No duties or taxes have been reported being due on delivery by Fedex, appears to be covered by Ninja/Shark again.
  • This part is YMMV, but if you are unhappy with your purchase, you may contact their support via live chat or phone and receive an additional 20% ($59.88) off of the full value of $299. This would bring your total down to around $199.52 all in. This should not be abused.

Why am I getting invalid zip code error when ordering? /// Why am I getting dinged with a $25 international surcharge on checkout?
Try mobile, desktop, and an incognito session. Their checkout experience isn’t consistent. You may also try the below process.
  1. Go to checkout with the Ninja
  1. Enter your coupon code
  1. Enter your address, but when you get to postal code enter 90210
  1. Enter the remaining details, phone number, billing same as shipping, and continue
  1. Should get a popup to validate address, now change it to your correct address and click retry search
  1. Use suggested address, should direct you to payment confirmation without the international surcharge.

Will I be charged taxes/duties on delivery?
I don’t believe any other users from the original thread (including myself) have been charged duties and there were many who already bought, should be very good odds of no taxes/duties.

What is the 20% off retention offer?
This should not be abused. If you are unhappy with the Ninja but willing to put up with that unhappiness, call in to get an extra 20% off for your trouble. Contact their live support during business hours here and selecting the live chat option on the lower right-hand corner. Again… this is only available during business hours, and you will be required to explain your reasoning and you may receive a goodwill offer to keep the Ninja.