Minneer Racing Wheel & Pedals Stand with Fixed Gaming Chair – $159.99

//Minneer Racing Wheel & Pedals Stand with Fixed Gaming Chair – $159.99

Minneer Racing Wheel & Pedals Stand with Fixed Gaming Chair – $159.99



A very good, stable and *foldable* racing wheel and pedal stand with a metal slot for a gaming chair to sit in is back in stock on Amazon.ca from multiple sellers for $159.99 to $169.99, depending on retailer. This is also for sale for $212.99 with Amazon shipping, so the lower price is 25% off (these are sold and shipped by each retailer). Both of these are the exact same racing wheel and pedal stand, just with different sellers and branding. This stand has been out of stock for a few months and is finally back again from both retailers.

$159.99 – Minneer Steering Racing Wheel Stand With Pulley Chair Fixing Device (Shipped by Minneer)

$169.99 – Anman Sim Racing Wheel Stand with Fixed Gaming Chair (Shipped by Anman)
https://www.amazon.ca/Anman-Logitech-Th … XQM97UC5O2

$212.99 – Anman Sim Racing Wheel Stand with Fixed Gaming Chair (shipped by Amazon)

I’ve owned this Minneer compact and foldable racing stand since just before Christmas and it is quite the ingenious design (I currently use a Thrustmaster T300RS). It has an X frame for stability, being the support structure that attaches and holds up the carbon steel box tubing leading to the wheel mount, lending rigidity. It also has an attached gaming/office chair tray that allows your own body weight and your chair’s weight to hold down the stand and stop the chair from sliding on its wheels, even with the most aggressive braking. It includes a shifter mount that can be attached on either the left or right side of the stand, as well as a cup holder for the other side. The metal pedal tray, wheel tray and shifter tray can all be adjusted in angle and the top half of the stand can be telescopically adjusted for height of your body. This stand easily folds and collapses with the wheel, pedals and shifter still attached, making it simple to store in a closet or wherever when not in use (you provide the gaming/office chair when ready, of course).

This is a pretty decent quality knockoff, with the attached chair tray being a big improvement, from the original GT Omega steering wheel stand design from a few years back… again, this chair tray addition makes this more rigid and keeps it immobile, unlike the original Apex where your chair rolled around during aggressive racing. This stand also comes mostly pre-assembled, unlike some other knockoffs (Marada, etc), and only requires a few parts to be attached when unpacked.

This can also be used as a flight yoke stand, of course. It has mounting holes for just about any racing wheel or flight yoke setup, from a Logitech G923, Thrustmaster T248 or T300RS and even a Fantec direct drive wheel, among others. Nice little unit that is sturdy, with little flex, while still being foldable for easy storage.

From Amazon.ca:

  • 【COMPATIBILITY】This is a universally designed steering wheel stand which fits all Logitech, Fanatec & Thrustmaster series racing wheels, pedals and gear shifter mounts available on the market. Specially designed for the Logitech G25 G27 G29 and G920 racing wheels, Thrustmaster T300RS, TX F458 and T500RS. Each hole on the surface of the wheel stand fits perfectly into the steering wheel.
  • 【STURDY & STABLE】This wheel stand features an X frame design that provides greater rigidity and better access to the pedal itself. Constructed from carbon steel box tubing, the unit is very solid and will last for years to come. The bottom of the four legs have giant rubber foot pads that firmly grasp the ground, providing maximum stability when racing.
  • 【Fixed seat 】The stand is attached with a card slot, which can put the rollers of a gaming chair into it to prevent movement caused by violent actions in the game.
  • 【FREELY ADJUSTABLE】The Steering Wheel stand is fully height adjustable and tilt adjustable so you can adjust wheel and pedal to any ergonomic position allowing you to feel comfortable driving in very low or high seats! You can also mount the gear shifter on either side, left or right, so you can have a more comfortable and flexible gaming experience.
  • 【PRE-INSTALLATION & FOLDABLE】Ten minutes to complete the racing wheel stand assembly. Quick access to the game. After enjoying the game, the racing wheel stand can be quickly folded and reduced to a surprisingly small size, which saves space and reduces floor space. The compact design allows you to carry it anywhere to keep your gaming enthusiasm with you.




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