If your employer is a Microsoft partner, you may have a chance to get the exam and certification for free. When you schedule an exam with pearson vue, it will ask you to link your work email then you may entitle to have a free exam which is worth from 150 ~ 300 USD, etc.
The link provided is to demo a similar procedure but not exactly the same. You need to link your personal MS account with a work email which your employer is a partner and eligible.
when you put your work email, instantly you will know if you are eligible or not . If not, don’t waste your time.

Voucher is unlimited and you could register multiple times for different exams but you need to validate your employer’s eligibility as following or ask HR. Examples such as SAP, dell, appriver, Convergence Networks.

Phone Number: 800-676-7658
You may also reach their chat support at:

If you turn out to be a university/college student, you may have either free or discounted vouchers as well for the microsoft certification.

During pandemic, it could save me over thousands dollors, learn new skills and have a better tomorrow.