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Corsair Hydro Series H110 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
Mounting kit for all modern CPU sockets
Two 140mm High Torque Fans
Fan and radiator mounting screws
Thermal compound (pre-applied)
Quick Start Guide


Designed to fit Computer Cases with matching 280mm Radiator Mounting Holes. The CPU Coldplate fits motherboards with the following CPU Sockets:

Intel™ LGA 1155, 1156, 1366, and 2011 Sockets
AMD™ FM1, FM2, AM2, and AM3 Sockets*

*AM4 Socket Builds require a AM4 Specific Bracket, not included. Memory Express suggests using the Corsair AM4 AMD Retention Bracket Kit for Hydro Series™ Coolers for this application.
Coldplate Copper CPU Coldplate
Tubing Next Generation Low Evaporation, easy-bend tubing.
Tubing is Guaranteed Leak Free.
Radiator 140 x 312 x 29mm Aluminum Radiator fits 280mm mounts
Fans 2 x 140 x 25mm High Torque Fans
1,500RPM ± 10%
Fan airflow: 94 CFM
Fan static pressure: 1.64mm H2O
Noise level: 35dB(A)

Dimensions (LxWxH) N/A
Weight N/A

NOTE: The Hydro Series H110 requires a Computer Case with a matching 280mm fan mounting location near the CPU. Often, the rear exhaust fan is replaced by the Hydro Series cooler.

Package Contents

Corsair Hydro Series H110 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
Mounting kit for all modern CPU sockets
Two 140mm High Torque Fans
Fan and radiator mounting screw kit for Pull configurations
Thermal compound (pre-applied)
Quick Start Guide

Reviews: … ew,14.html

The overall performance we think is terrific, and combined with the extremely low noise levels the H110 gets my approval real fast. You will not have software control, you will not see any LEDs but even better, you won’t have to worry about a bundle of wires either. Overall the kit is fairly easy to install, good looking and offers great cooling performance. Leaving the bling out of this kit keeps it quite affordable, and as such comes recommended by with a top pick award.

Fantastic cooling performance
Fairly quiet
Clearance for tall memory modules
Solid construction
Great warranty

Large radiator means limited case options
Lacks Corsair Link support
Complex install compared to older Hydro Series models
Lacks screws for push/pull setups
Lacks Y-cable for attaching two fans to one fan header … 110.90223/

Editors Liked

Excellent cooling performance
Good build quality
Five year warranty

Editors Didn’t Like

Expensive for a CPU cooler
Complex install compared to older Hydro Series models … -review/8/


Impressive performance.
Great value.
Quiet operation.
Does away with unnecessary features.


Poor compatibility.
Cheap fans. … iew.59600/

With relatively low RPM 140mm fans, there were some concerns about cooling performance, particularly since these units lack the fan speed controls featured so prominently on competing solutions. Those concerns proved to be unfounded since the H110 and H90 were able to hang on tenaciously, narrowly beating Corsair’s own H100i and H80i respectively. All of this was accomplished while the fans remained some of the quietest around, proving you don’t need high speed fans to optimize airflow through a fairly restrictive radiator.

Even though Corsair’s H110 and H90 provide adequate temperatures for enthusiasts, they ultimately fall flat in a number of other areas. The adaptability of an integrated fan controller and included mounting hardware for additional fans are conspicuous by their absence since NZXT offers both on their similarly priced Kraken X40 and X60. It doesn’t help matters that NZXT’s units also serve up better performance and longer tubing for easier installation. Even the less expensive H100i and H80i provide nearly identical performance while also including the excellent LINK software and broader compatibility.

Corsair’s H110 was impressive in nearly every respect, particularly when you consider it uses lower speed fans than the other coolers featured in this review. This results in a slightly quieter acoustical profile. Its radiator has the ability to disperse a ridiculous amount of heat, a 5 year warranty guarantees worry-free performance. … l-Thoughts

While the performance is good, it isn’t great for the size and cost, and I can only paint it in a pretty picture by comparing it to another air cooler, as most other dual radiator solutions, even 120mm solutions keep right on pace with the H110, if not surpass it. Even when it comes down to the noise levels during our testing, the H110 isn’t all that impressive. The H110 just leaves me wanting more and a bit disappointed.

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