Link:–elec … %3DKwikset Price:$54.50Expires:August 12, 2020Retailer:Lowes


This is the basic Kwikset 264 electronic deadbolt, currently $64.50 “on sale” at Lowe’s, but you can easily get $10 off if you sign up for the Lowe’s email newsletter, making it $54.50. Free shipping or order online for pickup in store (warning: processing times for online orders are currently extremely slow at Lowes). Variety of styles and finishes available to match any existing door lock set.

These are available on for prices ranging from $63-$65, and they are widely sold under other brand names like Amazon Basics and EZSet at Canadian Tire for similar prices, so this is more of a warm deal than hot. But you’re not going to find a much cheaper electronic deadbolt offer. I figured I’d post it because I recently got one with this Lowe’s deal and they’re really a great convenience if you don’t already have one.

Stuff to know:
– It fits right in place of a standard existing deadbolt, easy to install
– This is rated ANSI grade 3, basic residential security, so it’s not going to improve your lock security with superior pick resistance and physical strength like more expensive models
– Has a Kwikset KW1 lock cylinder, which can be replaced, but it does not support Smartkey for easy do-it-yourself re-keying (but you won’t be using the key anyway)
– runs for a year or more on 4 AA alkaline batteries
– supports 6 user codes of 4-10 digits, also supports one-time codes
– has an auto-lock feature, but you shouldn’t use it because it doesn’t have a door-closed sensor

If you are interested in an electronic deadbolt, but you want a better model with better security, check out the Schlage Camelot models (3x the price).

This is not a “smart” lock that connects to your network or your phone for remote control. It is operated strictly from the keypad. But for example if friend/family/neighbour phones from your doorstep and says they really need to get into your house, you can tell them a one-time entry code that you have programmed into the lock.