[Lowes] Kamado Joe Big joe 2 $1889.30

//[Lowes] Kamado Joe Big joe 2 $1889.30

[Lowes] Kamado Joe Big joe 2 $1889.30

30% off


Lowes has the 24″ Kamado Joe Big joe 2 on clearance $800+ off the regular price of $2699. putting it in the same ballpark price as the 18″ kamado joe classic 2.

I’ve had the classic2 for about 2.5 years now and by far is the best bbq/smoker ive ever used.
Im debating selling my classic with all my accessories and upgrading to this larger unit.

Its an extremely versatile charcoal grill, and can acheive very stable temps even on cold windy days. It will do low and slow (without needing to babysit the fire), as well as 800-900f neapolita pizza and everything inbetween.
it doesnt have the upgraded cart/shelves/slo roller accessories of the newest 3 model, but if you are in the market this is a no brainer. Besides, the slo roller is now available as an addon accessory for this model.

before anyone asks – This thing is HUGE. No, it will not fit in your hatchback. It likely wont even fit in a SUV (maybe if taken out of the box/crate)
its 250lbs, and will need 2-3 ppl to lift.

KJ customer support has always been great to deal with in quickly replacing any faulty items in the product.


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