Linksys e8450 ax3200 wifi router returns again for [email protected] $90.99 : openwrt support

//Linksys e8450 ax3200 wifi router returns again for [email protected] $90.99 : openwrt support

Linksys e8450 ax3200 wifi router returns again for [email protected] $90.99 : openwrt support



Was on sale briefly. Last week but its back again for Black friday @ 90 again

Copied from expired thread:
amazon-ca-linksys-e8450-ax3200-wifi-rou … t-2579017/

Linksys e8450 aka belkin rt3200/ax3200 for $ 90.99 cad regular price around 169 sales usually around 129.99.

Not here to force this down anyone’s throat but for those in the “know” and have been looking at it. Linksys E8450 is a dual-band IEEE 802.11ac/ax router based on MediaTek MT7622BVMT7622BV @ 1.4 GHz and MediaTek MT7915E. It has 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, one USB 2.0 port, 128MiB SPI-NAND Flash (2k+64) and 512MB DDR3 RAM. Same soc used in the Unified dream router.

This is a unique ax router that was being cleared out well over a year or so ago for 40 usd on ebay uk and since then has been onsale from the usual suspects for 129.99 quite often. But 90 @ retailer is as low as I have ever seen it since they became available in canada. Especially since its become one of the most enthusiastic supported ax routers at openwrt with a big community.

It can do sqm_cake at +500 mbps(like most quad a53 socs) and has opensource supported wifi drivers to boot which is quite rare these days.

Since dd-wrt and fresh tomato don’t really have any ax opensource routers much less a53 soc arm routers to support affordably and most likely won’t in the future. Here’s one well recommended by openwrt for routing or ax ap.. Remember openwrt sometimes requires at times a little knowledge to flash firmwares. So not for the faint of heart there are risks. But I found it painless. … ng-openwrt


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