Samsung Galaxy S10 Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)
I understand CPO phones to pretty much be phones that people returned after having buyer’s remorse.

Tab Plus: $0 upfront, $17 monthly tab for 24 months
Tab Mid: $48 upfront, $15 monthly tab for 24 months
Tab Basic: $168 upfront, $10 monthly tab for 24 months

My phone’s fingerprint reader died (a huge hassle), and I’ve been looking for the right deal. i.e. last season’s flagship phone at a good deal.

This phone looks pretty relevant in 2020 even with the S20 FE deal going on, if you’re looking to save some $$: … axy-s20-fe

I usually keep my phones for 2 years, and with Samsung’s commitment to provide updates for 3 years, I should be covered until 2022: … s-upgrades

I ran into an issue at the very end when trying to complete the purchase, because the $40 6GB plan I have was not recognized by the system: … or-7801085

Requested a callback from Koodo to resolve that issue quickly.

Anyway, just sharing in case it interests anyone. First deal post, so any feedback is appreciated.