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Satisfy all your mixing needs with this 5-speed KitchenAid Ultra Power hand mixer. Mixing up ingredients for a variety of recipes is a cinch thanks to the 5 speeds and 2 stainless steel Turbo Beater accessories. The beater ejector quickly releases any accessory with the push of a button and the beaters are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.
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Five speeds let you mix ingredients for a variety of recipes, with speed 1 perfect for slowly stirring in chunky ingredients like nuts and chocolate, and speed 5 being great for whipping egg whites or heavy cream
Two stainless steel Turbo Beater accessories are ideal for mixing heavy ingredients such as cookie dough, mashed potatoes, and more
Beater ejector lets you quickly remove any accessory from the hand mixer with the press of a button
Lockable swivel cord can be locked into the left or right side of the mixer, so you can add ingredients from whatever angle suits you best
Compact, light design makes this mixer incredibly user-friendly
Round cord can be wiped clean with ease
Dishwasher-safe beaters make for easy cleanup