Bought these 3 years ago for $99 from the shopping channel. Still in great working condition now. I run outside with them 3-5 times a week, for 35 mins to 2.5 hours and they last for my entire run. I paired them to my Garmin watch for music. For $85, I bought a spare pair as a backup. I’ve even wear them in the shower since their IP67, so you can submerg them in water for 30 mins and they will survive. These are not great for watching video off your device however. The video lags behind the sound a half a second or so. Also keep in mind this is a pretty old model but very reliable for sports use.

They are available on Amazon and Walmart market place sold by Jabra US in new condition … 02&sr=8-15 … 0198141500

Here are some YouTube review videos