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Hi all,

I just did all the research and bought a toilet. Didn’t think to post the deal but someone else posted a toilet deal so why not.

This is the best deal for a very high quality toilet out there. Lowes sells this toilet for $465 and in general it’s just almost impossible to find a TOTO for less than $400.

My BIL is a master plumber and advised me that TOTO is the brand to trust for best construction, longevity and flush. For a basement toilet without much gravity to help out I was very happy to find this.

You’ll need to get a cheap lid for it (I splurged for $90 Toto seat that may have been a waste of money, haha). Also Costco sells the TOTO Washlet heated bidet seat for $460 if you are feeling luxurious: … 18646.html

PS: For women or children without “junk” the round version is even cheaper at $245: … 1001189110

Edit: there is also $10 cheaper from this retailer