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I have been watching this snow blower for over a year, and finally the price came down to its lowest point, not a huge discount, but this is Toro and this E21 never had reached this price point in the history.

For snowblower, you can either go with those cheaper snowjoe ones that will generally last about 5,6 years, or a quality Toro that can last decades.

Had a snowJoe 623E lasted me almost 7 years, not bad for Toronto winter, but it cannot tackle wet snow or icy snow situations and it has a cord which is a nuisance.

This Toro E21 is very strong, had it for almost a month and it can tackle hard packed ice(the one made by city snow removal truck at the end of your driveway) or icy freezing rains without much effort even in ECO mode, the battery is strong enough for a 3 car long driveway such as mine. The snow auger blade is made out of iron(unlike cheaper model such as snowjoe with plastic). No more messy gasoline, stabilizer or starting issues.

The specs of the snow removing capability is around 1750lb/min if my memory served me correctly, much higher than an entry level gas-powered unit(usually around 1200lb/min) and close to a midrange single stage gas unit(mostly around 1800~1900lb/min)

And don’t forget Rakuten 1.0% cashback for HD