Home Depot


Found this @ Burlington HD today, they only had one other in stock, both looked like Open Box since the boxes were re-taped. They had a few other ones there, lower end ones, along with the electric shovels, a couple of those, I don’t remember prices but all marked down/clearance.

This is the top corded model from Snow Joe, not sure how good it is but I picked one up. Everything seems to be in the box other than the manual. Clearly OB though as someone clearly used it, but I figure for $124 might as well give it a try, right?

It seems GTA stores (which you can’t go in) have a bunch of stock but not on clearance, just on sale for $200. But, probably these will go on clearance as stores open up if there’s ones remaining. Probably nicer to get a brand new one but I was in the store, it was there, just picked it up. And literally it’s easy to pickup, lol–pretty lightweight these electric guys.

As said one left in Burlington store when I left today, if you got a HD in your area that’s open might as well check it out if you’re looking for one of these.