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Saw this on a clearance table at Markham East location. Clearance deals are usually location specific. Was about 5 of them on the table when i left at 4:30pm, but one of them was already opened with the pieces disorganized inside. The rest were sealed with a zip tie. Looks like a pretty good set for the price and comes with lifetime warranty.

Set includes three 1/4 in, 3/8 and 1/2 drive quick release ratchets, 14 standard length 1/4 drive 6-point sockets, eight standard length 1/4 drive 12-point sockets, 18 deep 1/4 drive 6-point sockets, 23 standard length 3/8 drive 6-point sockets, 12 standard length 3/8 drive 12-point sockets, 12 deep 3/8 drive 6-point sockets, nineteen 3/8 drive bit sockets, one 3/8 drive spark plug socket, 12 standard length 1/2 drive 12-point sockets, 15 combination wrenches and 48 other accessory and drive tools … 1000787913

Website says $147 is the regular price, but that’s still almost half off at $75.


There were also a few cases of the 268 set on clearance for $126 … 1000787108