Hisense 55 in. 4K TV 55U6GR $499.99 (price drop + sale)

//Hisense 55 in. 4K TV 55U6GR $499.99 (price drop + sale)

Hisense 55 in. 4K TV 55U6GR $499.99 (price drop + sale)

June 26, 2022


Had been $647.99 prior to this sale, but checked today out of curiosity and was surprised to see it at $549.99 BEFORE the $50 off. Looks like it had been as low as $511.99 since yesterday (if you add something to a list it shows you the last 5 price changes it seems).

Should be able to save $30 on the warranty too (though when I added TV to cart it still showed the pop-up for the more expensive warranty for TVs $500-$1000, so keep your eye out).

Thought I would post this for anyone who missed out on the sale this weekend. It actually works out to be slightly less now than if you got it as part of the sale (price adjust might be possible if you got it then).

Wonder if they’re clearing them out and decided to throw people a bone if they missed out yesterday?

I had been eyeing this for when it went on sale today, as all accounts put it as one of the best budget TVs.

Weekend sale had me splurge and buy the next size up, but maybe would have held off if I had known it would drop this low.


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