[Greeworkstools.ca] Greenworks 10A 14″ Dethatcher (Gen 1) – $109 + GST Shipped!

//[Greeworkstools.ca] Greenworks 10A 14″ Dethatcher (Gen 1) – $109 + GST Shipped!

[Greeworkstools.ca] Greenworks 10A 14″ Dethatcher (Gen 1) – $109 + GST Shipped!

$39 + T/F


Greenworks is selling through their first generation dethatchers for $109. Now this doesn’t sound like a hot deal considering some retailers have been clearing out Greenworks dethatchers for $99 (ie Walmart) at the retail level but there’s a few differences with this deal;

1. Greenworks is selling their first generation version versus most stores have their second generation dethatcher. The difference? From what I can find on the net, the first generation has a height adjustment of 10mm, 3mm, and 1mm while the second generation is fixed at 10mm AND the second generation has some modifications to increase the reliability of the dethatcher. Greenworks has stated that the removal of the height adjustment will remove the confusion for the customer as to what height to adjust the dethatcher. I suspect that both the modifications and the removal of the height adjustment are to protect the motor from overheating as one of the complaints online about the first generation is that they occasionally overheat – ie add some more vent holes as well as prevent the dethatcher from being jammed due to the height being set too low. As such, if used properly (ie start higher and move lower), the first generation will probably remove more thatch than the second generation.
2. The product qualifies for free shipping on the Greenworks site.
3. Currently, the Greenworks site is not charging PST for me in BC (so YMMV) as well as no Eco-fees. It was reported in an earlier thread that Greenworks’ website was doing this but it got ‘fixed’ (ie they now charge PST and fees). It looks like it was un-fixed for at least this product for BC.
4. Some places have a higher regular price (Lowes at $199) and a higher clearance price (Lowes at $129). Even at a recent Amazon returns auction at a local auction house, some morons were bidding $75 for one that no-one knows if it works or not!

At the end of the day, ordering from Greenworks is cheaper for me (in BC and maybe for you elsewhere) than running around and finding at a clearance price.

Robust 10 Amp motor delivers comparable power to gas powered dethatcher without the hassle
14″ dethatching path gets your work done faster
3-position tine depth adjustment provides greater control by removing matted layers to promote continued lawn health
Stainless steel tines stay sharp longer for reliable performance
Includes full set of replacement tines for a total of 18 tines
Ergonomic, padded grip and adjustable handle for user comfort


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