So there have been a couple threads where people have talked about Garmin discounts but they haven’t been compiled or Garmin watches have been a sub-discussion within a wider thread. Anyhoo, I’ve been in the market for a Fenix now that I’ve outgrown my Forerunner 220 so here’s the skinny if you are too:

Simple/Easy Method:
1. Perkopolis has 20% off. Dunno if SPC/Venngo does as I don’t have access. I had to use Edge for the discounts to appear because Chrome variants didn’t work. On Android, I had to use the Samsung browser.
2. In your Goodlife gym memberships discounts section, you will find a code for 20% off.

YMMV Method with > 20% Potential:
There was a user that posted in the SportChek VIP pricing thread that supposedly played a long game.
1. Buy Sportchek gift cards from Canadian tire when they have 15% off.
2. Use the gift cards to purchase discounted items during the VIP event.

This is YMMV because when you use the gift cards, some users reported restrictions in the number of cards that could be used at a time. A manager was required to combine them. Additionally, you have to receive a code to access the VIP pricing because of one of a few possible affiliations (credit card, Calgary flames seasons ticket holder etc.).

20% off and Works for Everyone Method (Android):
I have validated that this works but boy is it a doozy.
1. We’re going to sideload an app called Miles , which is only available in the USA. I recommend that you only download the xapk file from a reputable source such as APKPure . If you’re technically minded, you’re good. If you don’t know what you’re doing with an xapk file, you’re going to have to download the APKPure app too. You may need to give permissions to install external packages if you don’t have that option already enabled.
2. Use APKPure to install Miles
3. Create a Miles account and make sure that you give it all of the permissions that it needs
4. Miles gives you rewards for having you let it track your location. You need to accumulate 400 equivalent miles. I say equivalent because during COVID, they are rewarding users for doing things that encourage social distancing. That means that you can get 20x your distance for walks/runs. For a runner in the market for a Fenix, that’s not a lot of mileage to accumulate over a short period.
5. Once you have 400 miles, you can “purchase” a Garmin discount code in the app.
6. The discount codes work on the Canadian Garmin site but I had zero success using Chrome. Edge works and I haven’t tried Firefox.

20% off and Works for Everyone Method (iOS):
I have not verified if this works because I don’t have an iPhone.
It should be possible to do a similar strategy on iOS using the Altstore to sideload the Miles app.

Tactix Delta – Solar (Sapphire+Solar) = 1232 from 1540
Tactix Delta (Sapphire) = 984 from 1230 (this is what I pulled the trigger on)
Fenix 6X Pro Solar (Gorilla Glass+Solar) = 1096 from 1370
Fenix 6X Pro Sapphire (Sapphire) = 936 from 1170
Fenix 6 Pro Sapphire with Titanium = 984 from 1230
Fenix 6/6S Pro Solar (Gorilla Glass+Solar) = 952 from 1190
Fenix 6/6S Pro Sapphire (Sapphire) = 880 from 1100

For the uninitiated on Garmin watches, here are my thoughts if you’re in the high-end market. They are fitness watches first and smart watches second. If your primary focus is on getting and replying to messages/notifications from your watch then stick with Apple/Samsung. If you want a budget option, consider Fitbit or Coros. You buy high end Garmins because:

1. Second to none in fitness tracking
2. Ridiculous battery life (Suunto is a competitor here but is severely lacking in smart features). With Apple/Samsung you’re charging on the order of days. I expect a Fenix 6X to have all sensors running and doing my run program with music to last for at least a week.
3. The button interface actually works in the cold and with gloves unlike a touch screen. It also doesn’t get all finicky when your hands are covered in sweat. If you are a touch screen fan because of “ease of use”, the buttons are equal or better in terms of speed in navigating the interface save for maps. Additionally, with a touch screen, my toddler would not stop going after it. The buttons should mitigate that somewhat.
4. I am going through a period where I’m trying to disconnect with my phone and stay focused on family. I like the idea of getting a notification, looking at it and then being limited in responding. I can see if it’s important and if it is, I can excuse myself and get my phone. I found with the Galaxy Active2 that I was actually losing time with family because I would get a notification and then it would take me longer to respond on the watch than on my phone. Joe Rogan would tell me that I lack discipline but for people like me that need to out-think themselves, this is a strong consideration.