Gaming Monitor 1080p @165Hz for $149.99 / Curved for $197.99

//Gaming Monitor 1080p @165Hz for $149.99 / Curved for $197.99

Gaming Monitor 1080p @165Hz for $149.99 / Curved for $197.99

November 30, 2022


Sorry for late posting,
This is my first RFD Post (Apologies if I did anything wrong!)
I just found this and I think this is a great deal for anyone looking for a Gaming Monitor.

They are much cheaper than preowned/refurbished 144Hz being sold on marketplace
The website says Cyber Monday special but this might work tomorrow as well. (No guarantee)

1. $149.99 – Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – G2422HS 1080p @165Hz … ccessories

2. $197.99 – Dell 24 Curved Gaming Monitor – S2422HG 1080p @165Hz (Apply coupon – 10%OFFMONITOR as mentioned) – … ccessories

3. $269.99 – Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor: AW2521HFL 1080p @240Hz … ccessories

Note: No other Corporate/Email Sign-Up coupons work.


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