Freedom Mobile Pixel 6 ~$240 total cost

//Freedom Mobile Pixel 6 ~$240 total cost

Freedom Mobile Pixel 6 ~$240 total cost

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A few days ago this deal wasn’t available on TMS. Today I checked and found:
  • Freedom Mobile Tab pricing reduced. Pixel 6 is now $22/month (no trade up required) for 2 years
  • TMS now offers 250k points.
Combine the above with 100k points for old phone trade in, I was able to get in BC with 12% tax:
($22*24*1.12) – $250 – $100 = $241.36

Hardware upgrade requires a 2 year commitment to Freedom. I applied the points I received to decrease the tab to $7/month. Same total, but less points on my account. In theory that could be further optimized by redeem offers at Shoppers.


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