70% off


This Fossil watch is on sale for $74 (down from $185) on both Fossil and Amazon. Based on Amazon price history, $73 is the lowest it’s ever been so this sales price comes pretty close.

On the Fossil website, you can use the promo code G4DJCHY for additional 25% off order, bringing the pre-tax total down to $55.5 which is a great deal for a Fossil watch IMO.

Amazon link:

Not sure how much stock is left and how long the promo code will be active for so better move quick!

My apologies, I probably should’ve put a caveat in a post about a Fossil watch… Fossil clearly isn’t a brand for everyone, especially if you value brand name, brand history, or excellent customer service. It’s a mass produced watch that is decent quality for under $200, but nobody is going to tell you “wow what an incredible Fossil watch, I want one of those too!”. I figured that was already implied in the $55 price point.
I bought one for myself because I thought it was cheap, decent quality, and looks simple/good, and I don’t mind its image as ‘a teenager’s first watch’. But I completely understand if you’d rather invest in something more expensive that lasts longer and doesn’t have the negative image attached to the brand. Happy watch hunting!