[Fizz.ca] Until July 15th *BONUS* referral credit $50 (usually $25) mobile or Home Internet + 120/20 Mbps plan $50/month (Québec)

//[Fizz.ca] Until July 15th *BONUS* referral credit $50 (usually $25) mobile or Home Internet + 120/20 Mbps plan $50/month (Québec)

[Fizz.ca] Until July 15th *BONUS* referral credit $50 (usually $25) mobile or Home Internet + 120/20 Mbps plan $50/month (Québec)

July 15, 2021


The deal expires in 3 weeks on July 15th.

With over 470 posts, the old RFD thread was getting long and most people don’t read back. The same questions kept getting asked.
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In early 2019, Vidéotron launched a discount Internet service called FIZZ available in Vidéotron’s service area (Québec province and in some areas in Ontario like Clarence/Rockland, Alfred, Limoges, etc.)

It’s Vidéotron’s Home Internet with a discreet Fizz logo engraved on the modem. You even get a Vidéotron IP address. Technically, it’s a rock-solid product. The speed is constantly more than promised. There is no throttling at night when everybody streams Netflix all at once.

The Bandwidth is UNLIMITED !

A Wi-Fi modem/router rental is included at no extra cost. It’s a Hitron CODA-4680 .

Auto-installation is FREE : a technician will bring your modem and verify that your cable connection works properly. All the instructions needed come with the modem and are clearly spelled out. VIP-installation is $30: complete installation and configuration by a technician. (Unnecessary)

You may cancel at any time, no strings attached. Just return the modem.

There’s no credit check since it’s all pre-paid. Visa debit, Mastercard debit and pre-paid credit cards also work.

Customer support is digital only; you have to be at ease with the new ways of communicating like chat, Messenger, community forums, etc. With those means of communications, sometimes it takes a little longer to get understood and get satisfaction. To give better prices, Fizz employ customer support from overseas with employees for whom English or French is sometimes a second or third language with a basic understanding of what the product is. I don’t mean this in a condescending way, just know what type of customer you are.

But the service is so solid that the odds are that you won’t ever have to contact customer support.

Once you are a Fizz subscriber, you get a referral code that you can share with a friend to use when they join Fizz. When that person makes her/his second monthly payment, you will both get a $50 credit.

That’s a $50 credit EACH!

If you don’t have someone’s referral code, GET ONE BEFORE ORDERING your Home Internet installation to get the $50 credit.



Here is a link to a little guide I edited to register with Fizz Home Internet without missing the referral code box.

Fizz Customer Support

Support is through the Web site only via chat, Messenger, email or contact forms. There are also two Community Forums: one in English and one in French . A contact form automatically opens a ticket. Give as much details as possible.

1) Email contactform@support.fizz.ca

2) Chat is available 24/7. Disable any ad-blocker.

Login your account;
Click on “Help”;
In “Popular topics” click on any subject;
Scroll down to the bottom of the page;
In the right corner the chat bubble will appear after 15 seconds;
If you see “login” at the top of your screen, you have to login again even if you have already logged-in and repeat the process;
If the bubble still doesn’t appear, try a few hours later;
Click on the bubble and type your question.

3) Facebook Messenger

4) Contact form
Login your account.
My profile > Contact forms > Submit a complaint

5) As a last resort, in case of emergency, like if your phone gets stolen, login your account and click My plans > Manage plan > Unsubscribe
You won’t be immediately unsubscribed but the bubble will appear.

FAQ (Yes, I re-read the whole 471 posts! Lol!)

Do you know what will happen to my perks and rewards if I switch plan?
You will keep them.

Do you know if the price is going change at the end of the promotion, or the price will be frozen like the early access?
The price is ongoing. But nothing lasts forever. So far, the price increases have been for new customers only. Fizz has had a hard time raising it’s prices and keep them there. There actually has been some price hikes followed by price cuts. They can’t raise their prices to the sky or else people will jump ship. Fizz is meant to undercut the 3rd party resellers.

Does Fizz throttle uploads?
There is no download throttling. The traffic management for Uploads is done by Vidéotron at the Network level. It’s the same for any 3rd party reseller that operates on the Vidéotron Network. It only applies to upload speeds of 20 Mbps and more to deal with abusive customers. Fizz’s Internet traffic management policy Vidéotron’s Internet Traffic Management Policy Vidéotron (Fizz) is known for managing their network well by splitting their nodes long before there are too many customers that could cause congestion.

Is this available for existing customers?
Yes, the 120/20 Mbps plan at $50 per month is available to existing customers (but not the bonus referral obviously since you are already a customer). All you have to do, is change your plan in your account. If you are already on the 120 Mbps plan, switch to 200 Mbps and then switch immediately back to 120 Mbps to get the new pricing.

If I change my plan, will I lose my beta pricing if I want to go back to my previous plan.

Can I use my own modem and router?
No, you can not use your own modem, only the one supplied for Free by Fizz but you can use your own router. Just put the Fizz modem in bridge mode .

Does the Fizz modem contain an Intel Puma chip?
Yes, the modem supplied by Fizz ( Hitron CODA-4680 ) like millions of modems used in the United Kingdom and North America contains a Puma chip from Intel which has been reported as suffering from latency peaks. People who are concerned about that should look at another Internet service provider. But it seems most of them in Québec use modems with a Puma 5/6/7 chip. If you are a serious online gamer, using an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi for your gaming rig will diminish latency peaks.

Should I cancel my current provider first?
No, get Fizz, then when everything is set up and running to your liking, cancel your old provider. That is also true even if you currently have a cable provider. The two services can run for a while on the same cable.

Since Internet prices are going down, should I wait for a better deal?
With the recent CRTC decision about wholesale Internet access prices in favour of the big providers, lower prices are not expected in the short term.


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