[Fido] $40/10gb & maybe $35/10gb for additional lines

//[Fido] $40/10gb & maybe $35/10gb for additional lines

[Fido] $40/10gb & maybe $35/10gb for additional lines



Saw the other TMS post and op said TMS only. I contacted my Fido rep and was able to confirm the deal. It is for everyone. Just go to any Fido stores or dealers that sell Fido.

Starting March 27th = You can get a $10 MSF discount for 24 months for activating a line or adding a line on $50+ talk/text/data plans.

And $5 off on additional lines. However, Fido says not stackable. Fido reps can still add it and if the system allows it, it will stack. I tried it before with my Walmart rep when they had a similar offer. It was $34 for 11gb

$45 activation fee waived on additional and multi-line new activations. ( I think this only applies to additional lines and not activating a new primary line.



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