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As you know, I’ve been a sworn enemy of all N-Series Laptops for the longest time now. I’ve frequently regarded their performance as garbage.

That’s changed somewhat, with recent N-Series CPU launches reporting decent CPUMarks. Add to that upgradeability on some models, and we start to reach an attractive price/performance situation. The big selling point here is the cool, quiet, operation and the modern display compared to refurbished laptops at this price range.

Enter the Dell Wyse 5470 at $295 CAD (All-in, Shipped, Ontario), with an effective pre-tax price of $261.06.

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CPU: Celeron N4100
RAM: 4GB RAM (2x SODIMM Upgradeable)
Storage: 16GB eMMC (NVMe SSD Upgradeable)
Screen: 14″ FHD Panel
Video 1: HDMI 2.0a (4K60)
Video 2: USB-C Display Port

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CPU Performance

The above represents reasonable performance from a Celeron N-Series CPU, an impossible statement just two years ago.

Proof of RAM/Storage Upgrade Options

Source: … hin-client

For those of you interested in a reasonable performance thin-light laptop with a modern display, this is a serious consideration. Equivalently priced refurbished units might have comparable processing power, but they’ll come at the expense of size (bulk) and display aesthetic (i.e. not-as-nice screens).

Something to consider.