I just ordered a Bowl of Pho for free + .79 in taxes and .75 in service fees + 3 dollar tip

*in the app it says free burger from Harveys instead of free cheese cake I pulled this image from the American door dash blog*

I already signed up for Dash Pass but it looks like you can get these deals with the sign up on a free trial as well

EDIT: Signing up on August 1st would let you maximize the free trial and get you membership from August 1st to Sept 1st. I can confirm as I signed up July 8th initially and my membership expires on August 8th

*Stealing this from theflyingsquirrel*
(Since OP didnt really give out much information, I will post what I found out.
It seems like it shows the banner only after you login at times.
It does not seems like there are any restaurant available in Toronto when you click order now from the promo page, but you can filter with dashpass.
When you check out use code “Summer of DashPass”.) — I want to add you can also click on promo and it will give you a list of all available promocodes