Hi there,

I came across the Total Gym Xtreme at Costco this weekend. This version seems to be unique to Costco and in store only. I went home and did some research before returning on Sunday to buy it. Below is a link to the same item on Amazon. Price on Amazon is $699. Reviews generally seem to be good. For $360, is seems like a good price for an equipment that can do multiple exercises. When compared to the $400+ set of select tech barbells, this seems to offer more bang for buck. This item also folds up nicely if storage space is a concern. … B083HRXL4K

I’ve done two workouts since the purchase and find to have a good impact. Quality of the set seems good. The roller board could be a bit short for taller folks. I’m 5’10 and find my head is at the top edge with my feet on the bottom end of the board.

I’ve also included a link to the prices on the Total Gym website for features and price comparison.

Calgary availability as of Sunday morning:
Beacon Hills: 13
Buffalo Run: 5