Was at my local Costco today and while I don’t recall seeing these from the other thread, I did see the Prime Outdoor ones, for $14.97.

Seems with the .97 pricing they are clearance (?) so I picked up a pair, though from a previous thread here they have been cheaper before by $5. But no time machine and things seem to come in and out of stock at Costblo randomly…might even be cheaper at some other locations.

The seem to have good reviews in the previous thread and they are outdoor unlike the CE ones which are only $2 less.

I should have taken a picture but didn’t though I can take a pic of the set I bought if anyone wants…

Edit: Sorry specs… They are rated for full 15A/1875W resistive, or 8A/1000W tungsten (bulb) load. They have b/g/n Wifi, 2.4Ghz (no 5Ghz).