[Costco] Nikon P900 83x optical zoom $499.97

//[Costco] Nikon P900 83x optical zoom $499.97

[Costco] Nikon P900 83x optical zoom $499.97



Read on another forum Costco looks like they’re discontinuing selling cameras. Certainly looks like it.

At 83x optical zoom (2,000mm) it’s no longer the king of zooms, it’s newer big brother the p1000 is (3,000mm). But for most people, this is more than enough. Also the p1000 is much bigger, heavier and twice the price.
At $500, this P900 is a steal for those interested in bird or moon watching. I already have one and attached is a picture of the moon I took around 2 years ago with it.

Vision.ca seems to have refurbished ones selling for the same price but looks like it’s final sale and possiblity no return? Costco policy is still king.

Spotted at Oshawa Costco. Stock is probably very low so YMMV


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