I was browsing the Costco website a few mins ago and saw that they have the first generation Ember Travel Mug (white) for $100. Now, I don’t think these are worth the original price of $230 or something like that but if you like to take your time to drink your hot beverages and like them held at a specific temp then this might be worth looking into.

The battery on this is better than the non travel mug and lasts me around the stated 2 hours when not on the base (I keep one at work), but still leaves something to be desired. The wife and I each have one and have no complaints other than the small capacity and the battery being kind of meh. The second gen is better but costs more.

I understand you can get a vacuum insulated mug like a Zoji or something, but most people that have one will tell you that they are almost too good at keeping things hot. If you make your coffee or tea in the morning and try to drink it in an hour or so it will still be too hot to drink.

There is another company I heard of that makes a similar product, I have never tried that one but it apparently achieves a similar result without the use of batteries or apps. Link