February 10, 2021


Saw this deal on Costco Connection, thinking this could be a good deal for someone is still looking for a Power Rack in the Home GYM. This is only going to be 3 days sale(assume they don’t have many in stock), $334.99 Delivered, plus there is a folding mat included(can’t find description of the mat)

This is a Half Rack (vs the other popular 810XLT Full Rack one), here are some highlights of features, but you can also find more detail from FitnessReality website here ,
  • 800lbs frame weight capacity
  • Heavy duty 2×2 inch square steel tubing with 1-inch holes
  • Resistance band post can be placed on multiple sections of the frame to aid in strength training intensity
  • Weight horn posts compatible with standard and Olympics plates
  • Pull up bar has 2 maximum height adjustment options, 78 inches or 81 inches
  • 2.75 inch deep J-hooks with mechanically fixed rubber pads to protect barbell knurling
  • 19.5 inch long spotter arms with mechanically fixed rubber pads to protect barbell knurling
  • Frame width is compatible with barbells that have a 46 inch (collar to collar) grip width
  • Landmine attachment compatible with Standard and Olympic barbells, can be adjustably place are different location on the frame.
  • Free standing frame with option to bolt down to floor (concrete bolts not included)
  • 1.5 inch diameters pull up bar tube for comfortable grip.
  • Include a Folding Mat

I already have the Progear 1600 (almost identical to the 810XLT Full Rack model), while I pretty enjoy my current rack, but may prefer this half rack if let me choose, for the following reasons,
  • This one has the option to bolt down to the floor, while the Full Rack model has to DIY to secure it to floor, or like me just leave it(may need shrift it from time to time)
  • This one comes with weight horn post and landmine attachment, while the Full Rack model doesn’t come with this, have to purchase separately
  • Half Rack feels a bit more open in space, While working inside the full rack, feels a little restricted(especially if you are tall
  • I like the long spotter arms

But the Full Rack has more options for adding accessories if you care, especially the Pull Down cable attachment won’t support this half rack model.

I put a Gymnastic Rings on my rack, really like it, can do pull up, dips and a lot of TRX exercises too.

Edit 1: Add Price to title
Edit 2: Updated link and price, also noticed Costco model includes an additional Folding Mat