it’s not the 1520 that’s been a hot deal lately, this was just added to today. Spotted it in my daily search for the 1520.
Amazons lowest price was $107 and averages $125
List price $169
So at $89.99 seems a good deal.
373 in stock at time of posting so you might be able to ponder this purchase longer.

Coverts 20 deg to 15deg.
A revolutionary advancement in knife sharpening! The astonishingly sharp 15-20 Degree edge for ultimate sharpness and effortless cutting. 2-Stages: Combines the strength and durability of the double-bevel edge with the flawless, ultra-sharp XV edge technology. This versatility sharpener sharpens: chef’s knives, Santoku knives, serrated knives, cleavers and sports knives. Sharpener converts traditional 20 Degree factory edges of European and American household knives into the high performance 15 Degree edge.