CD Keys


I know this was free on Epic, but not everyone has that or uses it so this is for people who want it on Steam and it is an excellent price. Enjoy!

Note: Steam seems to be having some issues after I bought this and linked it showing the games not being owned when I type the name of them yet when I go to the games’ store pages it says they’re in my library. Steam was down recently and I’m guessing it’s still a bit messed up. I got a Steam key from CD Keys and it activated on Steam so it really makes no sense. Just thought I’d mention it in case it happens to you guys/gals too. It’s just some kind of weird bug.

I put Steam links in the titles below in case you guys/gals want to check anything out.


Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY (overwhelmingly positive)
Batman Arkham City GOTY (overwhelmingly positive)
Batman Arkham Knight (very positive)
Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass (mostly positive)