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Posting it here as the previous thread is expired!
BOATsmart! promotion is back!

The online boating course available online at includes all of the knowledge required to obtain your boating license. The course includes 7 learning modules and safe boating practice quizzes.

Boater needs to give an exam and score a minimum of 75% in order to get PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operator Card) which is also accepted as a valid boating license across Canadian waters.
BOATsmart! ( ) is one of the authorized course and test providers by Transport Canada. There are dozen other providers in the market but the content of Boatsmart! is better than the other cheap options. and with a price of $24.98, I think this is the best value course.

Just in case you want to explore other accredited providers, here is the list of all Transport Canada accredited providers. … _cours.pdf