Blueair ‘Blue’ Air Purifiers – 20% off

//Blueair ‘Blue’ Air Purifiers – 20% off

Blueair ‘Blue’ Air Purifiers – 20% off

January 15, 2022


Blueair has a 20% off promotion for their ‘Blue’ series of air purifiers when you enter code NEWAIR22 at checkout (promo valid until Jan 15). They are well-rated and in terms of the pricing, several of these beat the all-time low price on Amazon (certainly possible a better deal has popped up elsewhere, but just saying). I also know that the prices have been going up the last 1-2 years due to many people wanting one since the start of the pandemic. For those unfamiliar with the models/model numbers, the higher number models are usually smaller in physical size and are intended for bedrooms / smaller rooms (i.e. 411) whereas the lower you go (i.e. 121) the size of the purifier increases and so does the coverage area (i.e., meant for living rooms, basements, etc.) The ‘Auto’ in the name simply means that the purifier will automatically ramp up the fan speed when particles are detected in the air (due to cooking, etc.)

There are, of course, cheaper / DIY options with a box fan and furnace filter setup, but a lot of people (and/or their spouses, lol) do not want something that looks like a science project in a corner of the room.

Price list after discount with comparison to Amazon pricing:

Blue Pure 411 Auto – $151.99 (ATL: $154.86)

Blue Pure 411 Plus – $135.99 (ATL: $169.99)

Blue Pure 411 – $119.99 (ATL: $109.99 – 2018)

Blue Pure 311 Auto – $279.99 (ATL: $309.42)

Blue Pure 211 Plus Auto – $367.99 (ATL: $436.10)

Blue Pure 211 Plus – $311.99 (ATL: $265.95 – 2019)

Blue Pure 121 – $455.99 (ATL: $363.24 – Jan 2020)


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