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Brand new OnePlus 7T 128GB Unlocked Phone.

Unlike the other T-mobile versions of this deal posted here before, this is the FACTORY UNLOCKED North America version.

That means there should be no need to worry about rom flashing, figuring out OTA updates, and all the other T-mobile shenanigans.

$349 plus duties and tax prepaid by BHPhoto of ~$45 USD is shipped to your door for around $390 USD or ~500 CDN.

IMO this is a better deal than the T-mobile version.

Comes with a free “ting 5G & LTE 3-in-1 SIM Card Kit with $30 Credit”

Pretty much the same-ish experience as the OnePlus 8 minus 5G.

Edit: Sorry guys, B&H changed the price by $20 a little bit after I posted this. Unfortunate.