Best Buy


I don’t know how these can possibly be in stock and shipped at this price? But it seems like a pretty good deal. … b/15303095

Weider vinyl weights – 100 lb weights + bar, shipped by best buy to your door for $99.99 and in stock

How is it people aren’t jumping on this? I just bought a 35lb kettlebell from amazon and that cost me almost the same.

I bought 1 set but wanted peoples’ opinions, should I splurge for the canadian tire 110 lb set (cast iron) – but that set counts the bar as 30lb + 80 lb in weight plates so it’s kinda scammy and $197 + tax. … p.html#srp

But there is stock of that as well, and it’s the olympic bars. Not sure of the difference.
(as of posting, there are at least 8 of the CAP olympic sets in the north GTA region).

Both sets use multi-piece barbells (not single piece) but I don’t think that’s a real concern for the weights I’m planning to push.

Ok guys, go crazy, comments appreciated.

I don’t lift heavy. Already have 2x 50lb powerblocks at home so I have some second thoughts about whether I even want the barbell. But at < $1/pound. Unheard of since this pandemic started.