October 31, 2020
Best Buy


open box for 188 …

Model 32ML600M-W specs here :

I am pleased with it, I have bad eyes and 1080p is good enough for me . I got the open box one and it was all sealed stuff untouched.

Hope some enjoy it. I thought it was worth sharing.

Costco has the black model for i think 239 in store ( 249 online= LG 32ML60TM 32 in. FHD IPS Monitor (1920 × 1080 Item 2232600 Model 32ML60TM ) … and of course if you can find it in store, they have the higher model version in QHD for a hundred more.

2 stupid things about this model tho is the VESA position is direct in the middle and the piece which the table top mount attaches to sticks out the back below it, the only way to remove is to remove the cover and remove 2 screws… Which brings me to the other dumb thing, the cover on the back is white, but front is black. It’s literally 2 separate pieces … I actually just popped mine off and spray painted it white that’s how much it annoyed me. I was in there anyways to remove that bulging back piece and change the vesa attachment points to the bottom of the monitor to raise it higher on the arm mount, so no big deal. Quick job of 1 hour. If u aren’t bothered by the two tone and jutting out back piece no worries…