Best Buy


Noticed these across various drives and prices.. hence no exact price in title.

They are warm as the $per tb isn’t the best but its great for those that need it now. Prices are sorted by value ($/tb) not item price. Best value is the 12tb WD. These are all easily shuckable and have reports of various speed drives. Beware that some WD drives may need a 3v mod. Also some cases only allow for 2-4 HDDs, so the more expensive 18tb drives might be appealing

WD easystore 12TB – 249.99 – 20.83 per/tb … y/14927823
WD Elements 6TB – $129.99 – $21.67 per/tb … k/14927822
Seagate Expansion 6TB – 129.99 – $21.67 per/tb … 3/12567166
WD easystore 8TB – $189.99 – $23.75 per/tb – … y&adSlot=1
WD Easystore 18TB – 439.99 – $24.44 per/tb … y/14927817