October 22, 2020
Best Buy


Good deal for a high end slim Gaming Laptop. I checked the Zephyrus line in person at Best Buy and it’s definitely better than the Asus Tuf line that’s also on sale. Comes with windows Pro instead of Home. A better 144hz screen than the Tuf and better build quality.

Cons are a smaller battery size compared to the Tuf and the processor is HS which is slightly slower but I’m guessing Asus did this because of heat issues and if I remember correctly the Ryzen 7 4800HS uses less power than the 4800H correct me if I’m wrong.

The screen on this flexes less than the Tuf and feels more sturdy not to mention it weighs less. The 240hz version with RTX 2060 is also on sale.

I know there are some cheaper deals in the past few days but i think these Asus come with 3 year warranty so that should make up for the difference.