Best Buy


Model: GA401QM-BS91-CB (G14) – link:
Model: GA503QM-DS91-CA (G15) – link:

Best buy now offers The new 2021 15 and 16 inch version of new 1TB ROG Zephyrus laptop more geared for the masses.
Both have: AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS/1TB SSD/16GB RAM/RTX 3060 and differ in screen / size.
The 2021 G15 has been improved to a similar hardware form factor to the G14 that everyone loves.

1. QHD 165Hz (G15) vs FHD 144Hz (G14) screen
2. G15 has 90Wh battery vs G14 76Wh battery
3. G15 has 2x USB-C Gen 3.2 ports that delivers Power while G14 only has 1 port that supplies power (both USB-C Gen3.2 otherwise).
4. G15 has 2x USB 3.2 Type-A Gen2 while G14 has 2x USB3.2 Type-A Gen1 ports.
5. G15 comes with a 1GB LAN port, G14 does not
6. The 14 inch shows bilingual OS/Keyboard while the 15 inch does not.