Amazon: Eneloop Pro 8 x AA (rated for -4F/-20C) $49.99 ( $11.57 off)

//Amazon: Eneloop Pro 8 x AA (rated for -4F/-20C) $49.99 ( $11.57 off)

Amazon: Eneloop Pro 8 x AA (rated for -4F/-20C) $49.99 ( $11.57 off)

Retailer: … ics&sr=1-9

2550mAh type, 2450mAh min, Ni-MH High Capacity pre-charged rechargeable battery
Recharge up to 500 times. Size: 0.57x 1.99 inches
Maintain 85% of their charge up to 1 year (when not in use)
Batteries can be recharged when fully, or partially discharged
Work in extreme temperatures down to -4 DegreeF

Was checking Amazon stumbled upon these. I had to do a double take when it said these are rated for -4F/-20C. That would make them great for those that are working outdoors, enjoying the outdoors, GPS, photography, cycling in the winter to keep those blinkies working on those cold temps, or emergencies at home/car/pack.

Not the lowest price of $40.05 in 2017 unless you have a time machine or the lowest price of the year so far at $46.04 but price seems ok as we are heading into darker days in the fall and the holidays are coming up.

Winter is coming.


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